Spadasoft  Alerts Public to Scam Using Its Business Name

Belfast, UK – June 24, 2024:

Spadasoft, a leading innovator in the IT industry, is issuing a public warning about a fraudulent scheme being perpetrated under its business name. The unauthorized use of Spadasoft’s name to conduct scams is both illegal and damaging to our reputation, and we are actively working with law enforcement to address the situation.

Spadasoft has been made aware of the ongoing scam and fraudulent activities where scammers are impersonating the company’s name to potential victims to promote easy, remote bogus job offers of part-time and full-time job opportunities to deceive individuals across multiple countries. These fraudulent job offers claim to give individuals high commissions upon completing work-targets via online platforms. We in our best capacity are taking immediate steps to address the issue to protect our company’s reputation and to save individuals from any unwanted consequences.

There are multiple key characteristics that are included in this entire process. Firstly, the contact method includes scammers reaching potential people via WhatsApp and other messaging platforms. Then, they claim that no prior experience is needed as the work only contains simple online tasks. Then the victims are given a one-week trial period in which they are told that they will earn a trial salary.  They are often asked to pay as well in order to get started with the job. This entire scam describes a detailed commission structure where victims can earn 0.5% to 5% commission per task, claiming that the salary will be credited to them upon completion of the tasks.

Company’s official statement by the CEO:

Saif, company’s CEO has issued a statement “This ongoing scamming has concerned us greatly. We are deeply worried about the misuse of our company’s name and brand. The purpose of releasing this statement is to clear any confusion that Spadasoft does not offer any such job opportunities and has no affiliation with these fraudulent schemes. We urge everyone to stay cautious and double check the authenticity of any job before providing them with your personal details. Make sure you double check the authenticity of any job by contacting us directly or through official channels.”

To help the public avoid falling victim to this scam, Spadasoft offers the following tips:

  1. Verify Communications: Always check the legitimacy of emails, phone calls, and messages claiming to be from Spadasoft. Look for official email addresses and contact numbers listed on our website.
  2. Do Not Share Personal Information: Never share personal or financial information with unverified sources.
  3. Contact Us Directly: If you receive a suspicious communication, contact Spadasoft directly through our official website or customer service number to confirm its authenticity.
  4. Report Scams: Report any suspected scams to local law enforcement and notify us immediately at +44 20 3287 7454.

Contact Information

Saif ullah Alam
CEO, Spadasoft
+44 20 3287 7454