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Spadasoft gives your business access to a global talent pool. Our highly skilled IT professionals can address the needs and challenges of your business. Whether you are looking for Web development, mobile app development, IT infrastructure, cloud services, SEO services, look no further than Spadasoft.

Corporation Models We Support

Following are the corporation models that we support at Spadasoft.

Staff Augmentation

Through our staff augmentation model, we aim to elevate your project capabilities and elevate overall business efficiency by seamlessly integrating our experts in team.

Dedicated Team

We have carefully assembled a team of experts in various domains at Spadasoft, including software development, web design, data analytics, cybersecurity, and more,

Full Process Outsourcing

We meticulously center our attention on every aspect of the development process. From flawless execution to ensuring timely results and maximizing resource allocation.

We Deliver Results!

Our goal is to provide transparency, cost-effectiveness, and seamless collaboration throughout the outsourcing process, ensuring that you receive high-quality deliverables that drive your business forward.

IT Outsourcing Process


We schedule your meeting with Spadasoft to discuss your project requirements.


Our team documents your needs to ensure clarity and precision about the project.


We look for developers who would be as passionate about your project as you are.


We onboard the right candidates that can fulfil all your project requirements.


Our HR and project managers resolve all personnel or technical project-related issues.

Get Experts for All Your Needs with Top-notch IT Outsourcing

Achieve excellence with SpadaSoft’s premier IT outsourcing services, connecting you with seasoned experts across diverse domains.

How Does Spadasoft enable your business’ success through IT Outsourcing and Address the Need for Outsourced IT Services?​

We understand that every client has distinct requirements and preferences regarding IT outsourcing. That’s why we offer flexible engagement models to accommodate your specific needs. Whether you prefer a dedicated team to work on your project, a time and material-based engagement, a fixed-price project, or a hybrid model, we can customize our approach to suit your preferences. We prioritize having our dedicated professionals work for our client’s websites and applications to make them intuitive, stunning, and user-friendly.
Access to Top IT Talent

With Spadasoft, you can tap into the expertise of the industry's finest minds.

Optimized Workloads

You can focus on your business core functionalities while we handle your workloads.

Industry Expertise

With over years of industry experience, we bring specialized insights to your business.

Minimal Risks

We will provide you with a safety net and ensure your project is free of risks and potential disruptions.

Faster Launch Times

Our team enables quicker development and deployment of your business processes.

High Quality Products

We deliver high-quality products that exceed your expectations and drive your business forward.

KPIs We Use to Estimate Work Progress and Results

We use these Key performance indicators to measure our progress and results.

1. Quality First: Uncompromising commitment to excellence and provides the best quality.
2. Smart Savings: Efficient solutions without quality compromise.

Team Productivity

1. Timely Delivery: Our team is dedicated to delivering results punctually.
2. Efficiency at Core: Efficiency remains a cornerstone of our outcomes.

Customer Involvement

1. Client-Centric Approach: Our clients actively participate in the development journey.
2. Inclusive Collaboration: We foster direct client involvement in development.

User Satisfaction

1. Client-Centric Success: Our achievements are reflected in client satisfaction.
2. Results-Driven Satisfaction: Client contentment defines our success.

Why Choose Spadasoft Over Other IT Outsourcing Companies Across The Globe


FAQs About IT Outsourcing

Looking to learn more about IT Outsourcing for your business? Browse our FAQs:

IT outsourcing includes customer support, network management, data center operations, software development, etc. 

Three types of IT outsourcing include Infrastructure Outsourcing, Software Outsourcing, and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). 

IT outsourcing includes software development, customer support, network management, and data center operations.

It is cheaper than having a complete in-house team because outsourcing services give you reduced labor and infrastructure expenses.

Spadasoft can tell outsourcing costs based on the scope and complexity of the project. 

The timeline of the project varies on its requirements and needs. Spadasoft can tell you after knowing the complete scope of the project. 

There is no threat to corporate data security when reputable IT outsourcing vendors prioritize data security and comply with industry standards. 

Yes, we do provide a dedicated Project Manager-Scrum Master to make sure that there is smooth communication in place and that all project requirements are being met. 

We use industry-standard tools like JIRA, Asana, Slack, and Trello. These tools are used to tailor your specific needs and requirements. 

The payment methods are usually mentioned in the contract devised for a specific project. These options can also include milestone payments or a monthly retainer. 

We offer maintenance and post-deployment support to ensure that our IT technological solutions remain efficient and up-to-date with the industry’s best standards and practices. 

We offer potential cost reductions only after thoroughly assessing your current IT costs. Then, we can adequately provide insights into how much we can reduce your costs. 

We are a reputable organization with clear termination clauses and contingency plans against all unforeseen circumstances. These plans are in place to protect both parties.